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Come to us or we can come to you!

We offer a full suite of dog grooming services. Come into the salon or our mobile dog grooming services can come to you!

Our Services

We offer a wide selection of grooming services! Our full grooming service is the ultimate spa experience for your dog.

Full Service Bath and Blow Dry

Includes bath, blowout, haircut, nails and ear cleaning. Pricing varies based on size of dog.

Full Service Groom with Haircut

Transform your furry friend! We ensure they will look and feel their best with expert grooming and stylish cuts.

Nail Trim Only

We maintain your pet’s nails to a healthy length suitable for active and leisure lifestyles.

Additional Services

Anal gland expression, teeth brushing, flea and tick bath, medicated bath, and deshedding.

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Come to us or we can come to you!

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